Inhabiting the ‘White Space’: a guest post on life between stories by Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris


It’s a joy and an honour for me to be publishing this guest post by painter, designer, calligrapher and healthcare artist Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris in The Place Between Stories. I came to know Sarah through another guest post, ‘Walking Out of the Gallery Scene’, which she wrote for the blog of the global Walk On, Walk Out (WOWO) community. The short first paragraph of that post leapt out at me like a hand mirror catching the light:

“I would like to tell an inspiring story, but I find myself in the uncomfortable in-between state of having walked out of the old, and not yet having hit solid ground in the new. And perhaps this story needs to be told as well for others who are in a similar position.”

For this was exactly where I still was, and now of a sudden jumping with excitement to find someone speaking up so publicly, with such clarity, and the courage of vulnerability, for the missing stories of those of us who’ve left some old life situation yet remain in limbo, for whom the decisive next step just isn’t emerging from the clouds of self-doubt, anxiety, inertia and emptiness, no matter how hard we might sometimes wish for it or try and force it on. Continue reading “Inhabiting the ‘White Space’: a guest post on life between stories by Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris”


Re-Place, Re-Make: A Redesign

Wohnzimmer Welcome, Berlin, 23 June 2013I’ve finally got around to importing here the posts from my old Posterous blog (platform now defunct) and my Berlin and Between WordPress blog that make more sense as part of my meandering journey between stories.

If you decide to go exploring, there may be broken links and wayward formatting back there, which I will slowly try and get around to checking and fixing.

I’ve taken the opportunity as well to refresh theme and header.

Enjoy your visit!