Have Another Pinion

‘In the animal kingdom, the rule is eat or be eaten. In the human kingdom, it is define or be defined. The struggle for definition is the struggle for life itself.’ – Thomas Szasz

Man. Woman. Liberal. Conservative. Economy. Environment. Right. Left. Nature. Culture. Old. New. Optimist! Pessimist!

Definitions, labels, meanings, identities. Oppositions, debates, opinions, positions.

In the hiatus of moving countries I’ve been dithering around, looking for a way of writing about my growing loss of ease with these noun-driven things. My unease, and my sense of tongue weakening; losing more of whatever fluency I might once have had in the confident business of nailing the world down here and there with the grand words of being. Sometimes the loss occupies me to the point of obsession; in day-to-day conversations, in statements and exchanges that I encounter in my reading and listening, as routine wrangles in my thoughts. Continue reading “Have Another Pinion”