Leaping in Circles: Introducing Icicles, Darkness, Moonlight and Rainbows, a Guest Visitation from Jeppe Graugaard

A leap, between a half-told tale in photographs and what the text of a personal journey slipped around intuitive quotes isn’t quite telling either. Like leaping over a brook, just wide enough that there is a risk of aiming short. The breathless thrill of not getting your feet wet; the pull felt afterwards in the sinews of your inner thighs.

A journey into circles converging and a songline felt emerging, beneath faltering narratives of progress, and a folk-memory of trees which are no longer there, yet are as long as someone remembers, and troubles to take a photograph.

A juggling of circles, until they spin of their own accord and find their still centre. Being between is here, over and under the rainbow. No longer alone.

This by way of welcome and introduction to a second guest visitation to – or from – The Place Between Stories – Icicles, darkness, moonlight and shadows by Jeppe Graugaard. I’d read and appreciated the depth and inspiration of Jeppe’s response to the Uncivilization festival last August, so it was an honour indeed to have him comment here and paste in a golden thread leading to his self-crafted work-in-progress website, PatternWhichConnects, which is very well worth your kicking back with a cuppa and taking a browse through.

Leap in and enjoy.


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