Life is Between: Introducing a Guest Interlude by Antonio Dias

One of the happenstances that make me persist with and appreciate blogging is that it’s an engine of serendipity. Stumbling around, trying to net and express some thought or feeling or insight or another, more often than coincidence my inbox will alert me to a post from someone else stumbling around the exact same concerns. You already know they’re ‘out there’, yet don’t expect to bump right into them with such uncannily apt and unplanned timing.

I’ve run into Antonio Dias’s blog Horizons of Significance so often in such circumstances, and his writing into mine, that it’s become my touchstone – the lucky pebble in a coat pocket – for recalling me to serendipity at times when I’m minded to dismiss it, and so to lose track of the reciprocity – the open invitation to act upon its gift – which serendipity rolls in its palm.

If it’s new to you, I recommend Antonio’s blog in toto, read with due attention to its meandering tenacity. By way of an introduction should you like one, herewith a guest link to his recent post Life is Between.

Acknowledging the place of uncertainty and frustration where this blog has its roots, Life is Between turns too about life as between ‘where I thought I was going and where I rightly or wrongly perceive I find myself’, and ponders the quick – the living point – where teaching and learning happen together, without professional artifice of separation and succession.

It begins, though, by noticing those moments when profundity, and the deliberate avoidance of ease, run suddenly into a ‘d’oh’ of blinding, child’s play obviousness. Life happening while we are making other plans, as John Lennon wrote; a place between stories which anyone can recognise and inhabit, yet not ever explain enough to rest satisfied.


2 thoughts on “Life is Between: Introducing a Guest Interlude by Antonio Dias

    1. Tony,

      It’s a pleasure to share these connections. I’ve also been enjoying the Stone Soup conversation that’s unfolding through Andrew and Daniela. Stone soup, lucky pebble in the pocket.

      The labyrinth exchange is threading around back, also …

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