Spiral Life

There are symbols, and stories, that you encounter outside in the world around you, and you think ‘isn’t that intriguing’ or ‘wow how lovely’ or ‘oh, that’s an interesting way to look at it’, and there they sit outside you.

And there is a moment to be lived when it dawns on you that the reason you encountered those symbols, and stories, or that you took more notice of them than of others, is because they are the ones that emerge from inside you to give your life the shapes that it has.

Do people really choose the rhythms and myths they live by, or do the choices get made because the rhythms and myths have already chosen them? When is it possible or wise to choose against the grain of your own rhythm or mythology – which question assumes of course that you think of yourself as having a rhythm, a mythology – and when does such a move drag against you as much as any other ill-fitting relationship would do? Continue reading “Spiral Life”


The Dark Mountain Ranges, Part 1: Looking Ahead to Uncivilization 2011

Today there’s one month to go until the second Dark Mountain Festival, Uncivilization 2011, gets underway at the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, over the weekend of 19-21 August. My ticket is booked; I’m getting excited and looking forward, at the same time reminding myself to keep an open mind and heart for whatever might unfold. Continue reading “The Dark Mountain Ranges, Part 1: Looking Ahead to Uncivilization 2011”