Dark Mountain Book Two

This enchanted painting by Devon-based enchanted artist Rima Staines is on the cover of Dark Mountain Two, which has now materialised and is making its way out into the world.

I love Rima’s interpretation (well, my interpretation of her interpretation) of the Dark Mountain as this otherworldly double-horned personnage, who, by the light of three white geese and a tree growing from a sickle moon, shelters a rich cast of comers and questioners in the folds of his, or her, or their garment.

You can read a little more about Dark Mountain Two (and find your way to ordering a copy) here; and furthermore and moreover, Tony Dias has generously made a post which links to the webby presences of almost all the contributors.

I’m honoured to have an essay of mine included in such fine company; and am looking forward in keen anticipation to savouring the whole when it arrives. Just the tiniest sliver-bit pale green jealous of those in the UK who’ve been graced by the post already šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Dark Mountain Book Two

  1. Wonderful! Thanks Catherine… I loved reading your interpretation of my interpretation! I’ll be blogging my interpretation of my interpretation soon once I’ve seen the book in the flesh but I’ve no monopoly on what the painting’s all about! šŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to see and read it!

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