Ah, Dandelion & Ahoy, Dark Mountain #2

Over the past week I’ve run across no less than six hymns to the glory of dandelions.

A dish of their golden tumbled heads picked to make wine, a murmur of their deep rooted subversion. Marvels by the wayside in Roslin Glen, leading to this veritable compendium of their wonders. A meadow of fuzzy clocks, a lawn of yellow sunbursts.

So if the dandelions are trying to tell us something – about abundance and resilience, about stubbornness, about finding your size, about looking like the sun, about food and drink fit for all, about not holding water, about the light way to tell time – the good news is that they’re being heard.

The other good news item is that the second issue of Dark Mountain the journal is now assembled and with the designers. It promises to be essential, at-the-edge reading for these ever more interesting times: a preview of the contents is available here.

The journal needs a few more pre-orders to meet its funding target. If you would like to pre-order a copy it’s available here – and please spread the word if and wherever you can.

Thank you.


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