Approximate Ocean


You know the saying: there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like to divide the world into two kinds of people, and everybody else.

Duality retains salience: a descriptive, generative power. Out of the tao beyond knowing, the mediating friction of yin and yang births the ten thousand things. Two sexes only; yet countless shades of masculinity and femininity, and so many fine-tuned grades of intersexuality. Yes, there are forms of asexual reproduction (cell fission, cloning) – which suffer the evolutionary limitation of repeating only the original. Continue reading “Approximate Ocean”


Rebounding Yields

One of the things practicing yoga has taught me, is that the more you give the weight of your body up to gravity and the need for its support, the more that surrender creates a rebounding momentum of energy, which rises through the body and realises itself in the extension into space. Likewise, giving up to the stretch rebounds back down through the body and reinforces the push into the supporting ground. Yoga teacher Donna Farhi calls this optimal, dynamic state of equilibrium in a yoga asana ‘yielding’. Either side of yielding she observes two imbalanced habits of posture which incarnate the limitations of either / or conditioning. ‘Collapsing’ sags inertly to earth, with no capacity to engage gravity as a force of upward momentum. ‘Propping’ – the habitual disequilibrium I begin from – pulls away from the earth, mistrustful or fearful of yielding to gravity, unable to accept its support, chronically wavering and unstable. Rushing for the refuge of the mind; always heading off, indeed, for elsewhere. Continue reading “Rebounding Yields”