Reclaim The Cave


Winter of all seasons stands firmest against the face of business as usual, no more so than in regions exposed to the unpredictability of blizzards. To live in a country prepared for routine annual snowfall like Iceland is one thing; to live somewhere like England, which can never foresee what may fall on it, and so cannot know how best to prepare itself other than by the fate accomplished trading of blame, is another country. Continue reading “Reclaim The Cave”


Shiva’s Question


When destruction happens, Shiva’s question arises: what is it that is calling out to be broken down?

The same question comes out of the tarot through Arcanum XVI, the Tower. In the Crowley-Harris Thoth deck, the Eye of Shiva stares out like a sun over the Tower’s jagged annihilation. This card commonly points to accident, bereavement or some other unwelcome occurrence coming out of the blue and causing shock and turmoil, wound about with the deeper, even more painful recognition that whatever stability has been upset needed to be forced to change. Continue reading “Shiva’s Question”