A former British Prime Minister earned the nickname ‘Teflon Tony’, for his uncanny ability to slide away shining and unscathed from even the best-levelled criticism and accusation.

Blair was the advance guard of sleekly armoured evasion, the first and last mascot worth nicknaming before his knack prevailed so widely that it passed from being noteworthy to being interminably,  voicelessly endured. These interesting times flip reality pancakes from one non-stick vessel to another, to which no thing we might dare to think of as the truth will adhere. You can oppose this state of things, and the odds are that you will be morally and factually correct in so doing. But the further and faster protest is cast, greater is the likelihood that it will hit a powerfully-bonded surface of denial, which spins at such velocity that truth cannot gain traction. Or, truth takes hold only where there is a predisposition to attach it. Continue reading “Unsticking”


The Dark Lake


I don’t know to what causes modern historians attribute the Trojan Wars. But I do know, in essence, what the authors of those wars believed: that their gods made them do it. Not for any logical or noble reason, simply for their amusement. The sport of seeing honourable men (and women) hacked down in their thousands.

The dark lake rises where the level road of reason falters and gives out. Sunken reaches of shadow; beauty and ecstasy too extreme to tolerate. Intoxication, atrocity, responsibility; the fine art of every faceless, unfaceable human aspect. Uneasy evolutionary residues of the immediate animals we once were, creatures who did not defer to abattoirs or law courts to obtain their food or settle their scores. Escher depths of unconscious nested within unconscious unto some originating void. Our molecular inheritance of the universal laws and forces most insulting to rational human grip and achievement: chaos, fragmentation, destruction, obliteration, death. Continue reading “The Dark Lake”