We Can’t Go Home Again


Last week I spent a couple of days in London. In an outer reach of which I was born and raised; in a different outer reach of which I spent the decade or so prior to moving to Berlin. If, that is, you consider that suburbs belong to the cities they surround. Continue reading “We Can’t Go Home Again”


Minding The Gaps: Arriving At Dissensus


At last, there is a word for it. Dissensus. Coined by John Michael Greer, thus:

the deliberate avoidance of consensus and the encouragement of divergent approaches to the problems we face.

Elaborated upon by Tony Dias, who catches beautifully why dissensus matters, and some first steps towards nurturing it. Evolutionary adaptation and survival in unstable circumstances depend upon the widest possible variety of traits and behaviours, increasing odds that something will succeed. Yet such outcomes are unpredictable in advance; so what best supports dissensus is a stance of humility, navigating with uncertainty instead of the desire for security, or the even deeper desire to be right. Continue reading “Minding The Gaps: Arriving At Dissensus”

The Matter of Place


I’ve just submitted this essay to The Future We Deserve, a collaborative open-source book project edited by Vinay Gupta & Noah Radford.

Where will you be in the future? You can read that as a question about your state of being, and as a question about a place. It’s not meant to invite a clean prediction – that’s close to impossible, if you are facing the future with all your faculties wide open – but to wonder whether the place where you might find yourself, the actual, physical location within this Earth, will matter to you. Continue reading “The Matter of Place”