Anniversary Circles


Today one year ago was my last day of employment as a university lecturer. I’m still, slowly, adjusting to the change; but never, for one split second, have I regretted my decision to leave.

Funny, but that past beckoned back to me today, from two* separate communications. I said ‘no’ to both. Nothing personal, but those aren’t places I can go to any more.

Bridge + petrol + blue touchpaper + matches. 

Not a proper post, I know & apologise for that, but yet something I wanted to write down in some kind of public arena. 

*make that three .. curiouser & curiouser … 


One thought on “Anniversary Circles

  1. Mike, thanks for your comment. My ‘recovering academic’ is mostly meant in the same sense as ‘recovering alcoholic’; not sure I was wise to take it up in the first place, but the journey was, excuse pun, educational.

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