The Chemistry of Change

Beginning this new blog, on a whim, because of coincidence and a hunch; and slowly – photos to follow – learning the customs of a new DSLR camera. The decision to buy the camera was a little more premeditated, but still it happened because a set of events coalesced and moved me to do it much earlier than I was originally planning. 


In both cases, I’d hit a creative limit with the platforms I was using – Blogger and a compact digital camera – but for quite a while I was feeling the limit without being able to see it. Instead I was doing what I often do: making a virtue of soldiering on regardless, finding reasons to feel guilty about desiring change. Then, very quickly, along came this run of unexpected things that moved me out of vague watery dissatisfaction and into the place where I could see the limits clearly and act. In the case of Posterous, by choosing something I hadn’t remotely anticipated. If you’d asked me two days ago, I’d have had no idea I’d be doing this.


What astonishes me more than anything is that I persist in seeing something wrong with this pattern. If you apply it to chemistry, or cooking (edible chemistry), it’s perfectly normal. Making scrambled eggs or white sauce, you stir for ages, very little happens, your hand begins to ache, your mind wanders off to ‘what if it doesn’t …’ land. Then the mixture thickens, suddenly and very fast, and you have only a small margin of time to get the pan off the heat before you overcook and ruin it.


I wonder if this chemistry is basic to all change?






One thought on “The Chemistry of Change

  1. Thank you for your kind thoughts Tony. Yes indeed, the photos are not coming out as I intended, nor as Posterous promises …. A visit to ‘the management’ is in order!

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